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Do-it-yourself camp, where participants bring own robots to solve others robotics puzzles.

Similar to some hackathons or barcamps.

Every participant is an organizer. Every participant invests time and money to participate. For 1 day event it could be e.g. 50-100$.


During the event, participants will build or modify their robot, so it could solve available puzzles.

In this context, a puzzle is an assembly of ~30*30*30cm, that releases a pingpong ball when solved. A simple puzzle could be e.g. a pressure plate that robots have to push with their own body. Another puzzle could require pressing 3 buttons out of 5 in a specific order. Or a puzzle, where robots have to repeat the playing sound. More complex puzzles may require advanced mechanics, image recognition, or special sensors.

When participants prepare for camp, he should bring a robot with all possible components that he may need, and two puzzles.

Participants themselves decide which puzzles they want to solve during the event and how. E.g. some may want to stick to RC and solve one puzzle at a time. Others may want to do it autonomous or try to collect at least 10 balls for a single run.

Example of the puzzle prototype:

Prizes and winners

No prizes and winners. Reward is a possibility to develop your own skills, have fun and talk to the like minded people.

Purpose of the camp

Show to a wider audience that robotics could be fun and accessible for all ages and all levels of competence.

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