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Need inspiration?

Here is short list of cool projects that could promote robotics to kids and adults.

Arduino board game with sensors, buttons and motors

Real sensors, motors, buttons, wires. Users need to put and remove wires during game, and to other actions. E.g. swiping specific color card in front of sensor, or pressing button for exact number of seconds.

Mobile game to teach programming

Mobile game that start with Scratch-like blocks, then gradually increasing involvement. Tapping on screen → require uploading source files → http api usage → running own heroku server → building cluster AI

Lego robot board game

Simple board game, where kids build robot models that could fulfill certain tasks. E.g. raising block by 20 cm; delivering cargo by 2 meters, etc.

Arduino self-playing marble drop game

Marble drop game combined with pinball, with no human input. Many leds, sound, screen with scores, buttons, few motors to launch balls. Controlled by arduino.

Online robotics competition

Allow people from different locations compete with each other with real physical robots.

Need help?

If you decided to do any of them – let us know, and we will gladly help.

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