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Robotics curriculum

The typical robotics curriculum looks like this:

  • Unit 1: Introduction
  • Unit 2: Electronics
  • Unit 3: Some vendor specific technology
  • Unit 4: Engineering
  • Unit 5: Programming
  • Unit xxx:
  • Unit 10: Build your own robot.

Each unit usually contains 3-7 lessons. Students will build their first robot on 7-20th lesson, after they covered the basics of electronics, programming, motors, sensors, etc. Quite boring.

How it should be done:

  • Lesson 1: Build robot.
  • Lesson 2: Build new robot.
  • Lesson 3: Build another robot.
  • Lesson 4: Design and build your own robot.

The only way to learn robotics, is to build robots.

Would it be possible for students to create robots, skipping all boring concepts?

That will depend on how much they (or their parents) are ready to throw money in. You could buy huge robotics set for few hundred and follow instructions to make it and get your first robot. Or you could go as low as visiting nearest garbage bins to salvage components for your first robot. To have more predictable result (by using common parts) around 10-20 euros are required. Electronics could be ordered from aliexpress, and mechanical parts could be from LEGO that most of us already possess (or could get from bricklink).

Lets imagine we have a dozen of 7th years old kids, who don't know yet programming (or even can't read and write well). Could they build their first robot? With little help from parents/teachers - yes. Small kids could put wires to breadboard and connect LEGO pieces. Using the usb power is quite safe way to power everything up. Here is short demonstration how we introduced robotics to kids:

Want to start building robots already today? Just do it! Feel fre to contact us if you need any guidance or advice.

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