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2018-07-12 workshop retro

We organized our first workshop in Helsinki 2018-07-09 where parents and kids explore motors and create robots together.

What went good

  • Many experiments with motors.
  • Everyone was eager to try how parts are work, and modify.
  • It was easy to connect motors.
  • Adding buttons or rheostats was fun.

What we could do better next time

  • Library doesn't have extension cord in room, better bring own.
  • Need usb cords/hubs with buttons. Much easier to turn of, then to unplug.
  • Long basic wires. Each one should have 4-7 long (30cm+) m-m wires.
  • Bring more simple lego parts 2×1, 4×1, etc.
  • Motors should have wires fixed (maybe even soldered). Many times they were disconnected on inaccurate moves.
  • For electronics/lego boxes: make pictures where each part should be placed. Will reduce cleanup time.
  • Think how everyone could keep his build (or at least bigger part of it).
  • Pre-program arduinos, so they could be used for basic operations.
  • Motor shields/drivers are highly required.
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