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Mission and Vision

TL;DR; Robots are cool. It is fun to make them. Everyone is able to learn robotics and improve their own life.

Our Mission

Promote robotics to everyone. Humans should be able to improve their life with automation and get fun from doing it.


Robotics is great way for everyone to learn more about our world, and get important skills for future life. Inventions that will be done during next 5 years, would be available to most of the population within next 20 years. By promoting robotics and inspiring people, we could improve life of humanity and our own lives.


Changing education: teaching → support learning → finding and justifying goals.

Why “support learning” is not good enough anymore? World is changing. It is changing so fast, that new technologies appear and become legacy before majority get aware of them. Technologies evolve and require different skills, than only few years ago. It become impossible create study program, that will not be obsolete after few years.


Technologies are already here and robotics is accessible to most of the population.

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