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Makerobots is a non-commercial organization. We welcome anyone willing to help us to promote the robotics.

Long term commitment roles.

  • Sysadmin
    • Setup, maintain and document infra, services, user accounts.
    • Required knowledge: Linux, databases, git, domains.
    • ~3 hours per week
  • Talk to people
    • Attract participants, volunteers and partners.
    • Marketing/sales skills are highly desired.
    • At least 2 hours per week.
  • Live event performer
    • Be main host during live event. Planning live event.
    • Good microphone required.
    • ~5 hours per month + ~15 hours during event week
  • Teacher/content creator
    • Organize live workshops/webinars
    • Example topic: “what is motor driver and which one to choose”

One time assignments

  • Draw user path in current competition, so participants have better understanding about process and what is required to win. Strip of 7-10 images.
  • Draw some images for current competition (game field, robot, etc).
  • Design new logos: square one, suitable for social networks, and wide one for websites.
  • Help with validating scores during online event. (~1 hour in September/October 2019)
  • Check new texts after they published for mistakes, and grammar improvements.

Contact, or join our discord channel:

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